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What's in it for healthcare workers?

Teton.ai’s mission is to support nurses and care workers to predict and prevent the adverse events that might happen throughout the ward. We work closely with staff and patients throughout our partner institutions in order to ensure that we are always working to solve the most critical and relevant problems that they are facing.

Great reduction in false alarms
More time for human-to-human interaction
Complete overview for patients
Fewer adverse events
Better, more confident decision making
Easy setup and integration

Useful in every scenario

Creating a contextual understanding of the patient in the hospital environment.

Use cases

01 - Neurological ward

Neurological patients will often have the physical strength to control their bodies, but are cognitively less in control of that strength — increasing the risk that they might accidentally hurt themselves at any time.

Nightingale tracks the development and behaviour of these patients, picking up on subtle signals, so that adverse events might be predicted and brought to the attention of staff.

02 - Psychiatric ward

Nightingale’s contactless approach is ideal for psychiatric wards where patients are rarely or never physically connected to any devices.

The system can identify and analyse respiration rate, activity levels, sleep stages and more without the need to directly interfere with the patient, allowing for a less invasive recovery process.

03 - Nursing home

The behaviour of Alzheimers patients in nursing homes can be unpredictable, and it can be difficult to know how to best help and care for the patient.

Here Nightingale can both alert staff to any emergencies, whilst also helping them understand how their patients react in response to changes in their environment.

Easy onboarding

From the start, Nightingale was developed with ease of integration and adoption in mind. Introducing new solutions to a hospital shouldn’t be burdensome for all parties involved, nor should it force staff to completely change their behaviours to fit the new system.


We work closely with everyone from patients to hospital directors to ensure that our systems integrate gracefully into their environments.


Nightingale ensures anonymity and security of everyone who interacts with the system. We believe this is crucial to creating a healthy integration of the technology.


Our system adjusts to you, and not the other way around. The devices and systems don’t require the re-organisation of existing setups and routines.


Nightingale is contactless and independant of outside systems. This allows for quick and easy installs, with minimal disruption.


Reliable data allow us to simultaneously track the impact of the system, whilst also improving product performance.