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Aritificial intelligence in health care
Render of Teton sensor sitting on ceilingRender of Teton sensor sitting on ceiling
Approachable and intelligent monitoring tools

The monitoring tool your staff deserves

Teton.ai uses computer vision to support care staff in providing the best care for their patients

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Computer Vision

We make easy to use computer vision tools for healthcare staff. Working towards providing them with the clearest understanding of the ward and their patients.

User Interface for fall prevention software
User Interface for patient monitoring software
User Interface for patient analytics software
Quotes around the topic of "nursing shortage". For example "More than 40 percent of nurses are thinking of leaving the profession"

Our mission is to alleviate the pressure on care staff around the world

Providing one brick in the effort to create a thriving environment for the profession.

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Aritificial intelligence in health care
Aritificial intelligence in health care

Easily understand the state of your ward

Give your staff tools that allow them to fine tune their care to each patient. Devices that easily integrate into your current flows and work routines.

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user testimonial
"I feel I have a better overview of what the patients have actually been up to during the night. It gives a sense of calm"
Nurse, geriatric ward

Whether you work in hospitals or care homes, we are there to support you

Regardless of your situation, we work with you to tailor the full suite of our capabilities to your needs.

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Hospital Ward

Live information for staff has allowed neurological and geriatric wards to care for patients who are at risk of injuring themselves.

  • Early warnings for falls
  • Automated documentation
  • Pressure ulcer warnings
  • Full ward whereabouts

Care Home

Long term residents can undergo small changes over time that are imperceptible to staff but, with our system, these deviations can be caught early.

  • Long-term analytics
  • Activity monitoring
  • Fall warnings and analysis
  • Remote checkups
Amount of a nurse's shift that is taken up by documentation
Average added cost of a patient who is injured due to a fall.
6 to 12 days
Increase in average hospital stay after a fall based injury
Understand activity

General spacial intelligence

Our camera acts as a sensor that is able to understand and interpret activity within the patient room. Everything is computed locally and privately.
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Let us work together to minimise adverse events throughout the hospital, support your staff’s ability to care for their patients, and improve your ability to make data-backed decisions

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