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Empowering nurses and

elevating patient care

using AI

Meet Nightingale
A starry night, where the constellations that can be seen have the figures of people

Noticing the soft signals

Our system creates a contextual understanding of the patient and their hospital environment

Decoding the position and body language of the patient
Monitoring vital signs without the need for wires
Tracking the relation between the patient and their surrounding environment and objects
Connecting the dots between events throughout the ward

Meet Nightingale

An unbiased observer that never tires.

Nightingale makes sure that important changes in your patients behavior or state is catalogued and reported to you in time, giving you confidence and security

Meet Nightingale

Predicting adverse events so you can prevent them

Extending the senses of the hospital staff by keeping an eye on your patients, and providing you with timely and relevant information.

Time and money are drained by adverse events throughout the hospital, and this problem is only compounded mental health burden of healthcare workers. Nightingale is perfectly positioned to help lift some of this burden, so that staff can better focus on their work.


Estimated average cost per fall (US)

Rate of false alarms (US)

Annual cost of a 24 hour bed-guard (DK)

Average cost of pressure ulcers (DK)