Introducing Teton
The AI-powered caregiving system that supports your staff.

Care is a team effort
Let's work together to empower your staff.

How Teton works
Support care staff in providing the best care for their patients.


AnonymISED Computer Vision

We make a sensor that is able to understand and interpret activity within a room. Everything is computed locally and privately.


User-friendly Systems

Give staff the tools to understand and prioritise care for their residents. Seamlessly integrating into your existing routines.


Hands-on customer success

We work directly with care staff and ward leaders to help ensure a successful integration with optimal results.

Easily understand
the state of your ward.

We enable care staff to provide enhanced caregiving to their patients with augmented abilities, improving the overall patient experience and well-being.

Don't just take it from us
Here's what our care staff have to say.

Care home

Now it's possible for me to be in the other end of the building and still feel secure about a resident

Nurse Assistant
Care home

It quickly becomes a habit for me to use Teton, it has given a new sense of calm during my night shifts.

Nurse Assistant

As we've learnt to use Teton, we've started sharing tips and tricks with each other throughout the ward


We've seen a lift in the quality of care in our ward

Ward Nurse

I feel I have a better overview of what the patients have actually been up to during the night


I think it's brilliant, our falls have decreased by 83%, it's changed the way we work

Nurse Assistant

When I'm at work and I've got lots of patients to deal with, it gives me peace of mind knowing that Teton is there


Addressing the nursing shortage Better outcomes for all.


Projected global nursing shortage by 2025


Decrease in life expectancy after a fall (in a carehome setting)

29 million

Falls per year (Aged ≥65 years)

Optimize your ward
Whether in a care home or hospital.

Hospital Ward

Equip your staff with real-time insights that enhance operational efficiency and promote a safer environment for care staff across various ward settings.

Care home

Empower your care home staff with a system designed to capture and analyze resident activities over time, aiding in maintaining a safe and comfortable living environment.

Augment your caregiving
across the ward.


We’re on a mission to support the interaction between citizens, care staff, and the healthcare system by offering an engagement system that enables augmented caregiving.

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Founded in 2020
Award winning implementations
+25 Employees
Raised $8.7M led by Plural VC
Teton employee

It feels great to empower care personnel, building the bridges from technology to the future of care.

Software Engineer, Teton


We’re glad you asked..

How can your system improve patient care?

Our AI-powered care assistant elevates patient care in two key ways. Firstly, the system leverages AI to provide real-time insights and alerts about potential patient issues.

From fall warnings to sleep monitoring, staff can now understand their ward in a completely new way. Secondly we help to automate existing routine tasks like documentation. This allows care staff to spend more quality time with residents, fostering stronger relationships and better understanding of individual needs.

What is patient monitoring?

Our system is a fundamentally new type of tool for care staff, that empowers them to monitor their patients and gain clarity about the state of their ward. We provide sensors that can understand activity within a patients room - information is then provided to the staff through our integrations into your existing devices.

We have helped staff get an overview of what their patients are doing, given them insights into the behaviours of patients, and allowed them to quickly react to and prevent high risk situations.

How does the technology work?

Our tools work using a technology called computer vision. In essence, our sensors have a small computer that can understand what the sensor receives and communicate that information on to the staff.

Instead of having many hyper specific devices and sensors set up to measure all the different things that could happen in a room, our technology is generalisable, allowing the sensor to perform many functions all at once