Healthcare technology

Without the hassle

Our sensor is able to understand and interpret activity within the patient room. Everything is computed locally and privately.

AnonymISED Computer Vision


The camera captures images of what is going on in the room, and has infrared which allows it to work 24 hours a day.


The images are sent to the box for analysis. The important behaviours and activities are extracted, and the images are deleted. This whole process happens multiple times a second.

User friendly Systems


We boil down the most important information and send it on to the staff on whichever device they are using.

Anonymity, security, privacy
Everything is computed locally and privately

Anonymised data

No one gets access to what the camera sees. As soon as the computer has understood what the camera has seen, any image data is deleted. Our system functions without the need for any personal information from anyone who is being monitored.


Processing of the images is performed without it ever leaving the device. Only the processed data is then sent on to the staff and for further statistical analysis.


The behavioural data that is shared with the staff is encrypted and protected so that only the people who need to see the information will be able to see it.

Tailored setups for your ward

Covering every room size

Together we’ll go through your location and work out what configuration will make most sense for you, making sure you get the most out of the system.

Tried and tested


Hours of annotated training data


Monitoring hours


Hours spent on-site onboarding and developing with staff


Care staff members helped

AI: Beyond the hype

Our proven legacy of innovation


To make it work you have to make it work, which is why we have assembled a team of talented and driven AI engineers working to expand and refine what the system is capable of. Working with us gives you access to this teams creativity and skills.

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We’re glad you asked...

How do you safeguard patient data, and who gets to see the images from the camera?

We use something called an Edge AI Computer (the little white box you might have seen an image of), this allows us to process all images from the camera directly on location, and deleting them after processing. Apart from when we have collected explicit consent to record with a device (for training purposes), no one gets access to any images from the camera.

After this we then use various encryptions and safeguards to ensure that the extracted information is safely passed through our system and on to your staff’s apps and devices.

Does anyone see any video from the sensor?

No, there is no video in our interface, and neither staff nor residents nor leaders get access to any video. What we find so exciting about this technology is that we are able to provide the benefits of resident monitoring while retaining the privacy of the residents. This goes for staff as well, we don’t show anything about what staff are doing in a room.

If there is anyone in the room with a resident, they are simply represented as a green circle. When someone falls we extract an anonymised animation of the fall which staff can use to assess injury risks. These clips are only generated in the event of a fall.

How does the technology work?

Our tools work using a technology called computer vision. In essence, our sensors have a small computer that can understand what the sensor receives and communicate that information on to the staff.

Instead of having many hyper specific devices and sensors set up to measure all the different things that could happen in a room, our technology is generalisable, allowing the sensor to perform many functions all at once