Simple tools Limitless functionality.

Easy to understand interfaces that allow staff to quickly assess and react to the reality of their ward. Assisting in care and automating away distractions.

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Intelligent tools

for healthcare staff.


Get a quick understanding of what is going on at any one time. Boiling down the overview to the most important kernels, so staff can better prioritise their care.

Analytics and statistics

Tracking the reality of your ward also allows you to track how that reality changes over time. From an individual level, all the way up to the whole ward.

Fall alarms and warnings

Tailor the system to each individual’s risk levels and capabilities. Get alerts for any pre-defined activity that may occur. Whether that be a fall, or a fall risk individual sitting on the edge of the bed.


Alleviate the documentation burden by summarising and automatically documenting the most important fluctuations and behaviours.

Sleep monitoring

Reduce the need for disruptive check-ins. Teton gives a general idea of an individual's sleep over time, while minimising the need to wake them up to check.


We've seen a lift in the quality of care in our ward

Ward nurse

Easy onboarding
With you all the way.

Book a demo
Book a demo

Scout and deploy

We’ll come out to your site and work with you to create a setup and onboarding plan that's tailored to your needs.


Onboard your staff

We’ll send out our engineers and customer success team to introduce the staff to the system and ensure the implementation gets off on the right foot.


Engage and measure

Once the system is up and running, we like to work directly with staff and leaders to ensure the best technology integration you’ve ever experienced. We want to create a feedback loop where we look for areas of improvement, review your ideas for the system, and give special attention to staff who are particularly engaged.

Optimize your ward
Whether in a care home or hospital.

Hospital Ward

Equip your staff with real-time insights that enhance operational efficiency and promote a safer environment for care staff across various ward settings.

Care home

Empower your care home staff with a system designed to capture and analyze resident activities over time, aiding in maintaining a safe and comfortable living environment.

Improve the overall outcome for both patients and staff.


Reduction in workload burden (night time)

40 days

Added life expectancy at carehomes when using Teton


Fall reduction when using Teton


We’re glad you asked..

Can this help with anything other than fall alarms?

Yes, while we are able to help staff anticipate and react to falls, our technology can also understand much more about the room than simply whether a resident is on the ground.

For instance, we can detect whether they are sleeping, send alarms if they’ve been out in their bathroom for an unusually long period of time, help with documentation of routine tasks, as well as providing long term information on the health and habits of a resident. All of these things we do without needing to be configured regularly be the staff, it simply works.

How does monitoring affect staff’s day to day routines?

Our AI-powered care assistant elevates patient care in two key ways. Firstly, the system leverages AI to provide real-time insights and alerts about potential patient issues. From fall warnings to sleep monitoring, staff can now understand their ward in a completely new way. Secondly we help to automate existing routine tasks like documentation. This allows care staff to spend more quality time with residents, fostering stronger relationships and better understanding individual needs.

How do you ensure a smooth and successful integration for care staff?

The biggest hurdle for almost all healthcare implementations is whether the technology actually gets used by staff or not. In our years we have tried workshops, manuals, videos, and countless other efforts, but nothing has worked more reliably than teaching staff side by side during their actual work shift.

We send our customer success team out during nights, weekends, and holidays, whatever it takes to ensure that all your staff can be taught while they are at work, rather than being dragged out to watch a presentation that they will forget anyway. While on our visits we also gather feedback and see what we can do to tailor our system to your staff’s routines.

What is patient monitoring?

Our system is a fundamentally new type of tool for care staff, that empowers them to monitor their patients and gain clarity about the state of their ward. We provide sensors that can understand activity within a patients room - information is then provided to the staff through our integrations into your existing devices.

We have helped staff get an overview of what their patients are doing, given them insights into the behaviours of patients, and allowed them to quickly react to and prevent high risk situations.

Does anyone see any video from the sensor?

No, there is no video in our interface, and neither staff nor residents nor leaders get access to any video. What we find so exciting about this technology is that we are able to provide the benefits of resident monitoring while retaining the privacy of the residents. This goes for staff as well, we don’t show anything about what staff are doing in a room.

If there is anyone in the room with a resident, they are simply represented as a green circle. When someone falls we extract an anonymised animation of the fall which staff can use to assess injury risks. These clips are only generated in the event of a fall.