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Maybe you help run the innovation team at your hospital? Or you are a nurse who wants to trial Nightingale at your ward? We would love to hear from you.

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Aritificial intelligence in health care
Photo of nurse looking up at a screen showing Teton.ai's software

Simple tools
Limitless functionality

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Intelligent tools for healthcare staff

Each sensor opens up a wealth of possible ways to help you and your staff in running and improving your facility.

Peace of mind

With us you won't have to worry about whether a patient is up to something without you being there.


The unfortunate reality is that not all patients can have access to 24 hour bed guards. Teton One helps your staff to monitor the rest.

Optimize work

Each sensor opens up a wealth of possible ways to help you and your staff in running and improving your facility.

Save money

Less falls, less burnout, less time spent on things aren't directly related to care. All of this saves time and money for your ward.

Photograph of hospital staff looking at the Teton software
“We’ve been really satisfied with how easy it is to use the system.”
Ward Nurse, Nykøbing Falster

Seamless integration

Our system is super quick to setup and we ensure that our solutions fit into your existing routines, so that there is minimum disturbance for the staff and the ward.


Our sensors are installed in the rooms that are to be monitored. The sensors are custom designed to be as quick to setup as possible. Only 2 screws are needed.


Our programs are integrated onto your existing platforms, such as desktops or smartphones. We also offer the ability for us to supply these platforms for you.


A combination of simple interfaces and clear training, means that your staff will quickly be able to learn the ins and outs of using the Teton One platform.

A little more detail

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Who are Teton?

Try our system at your hospital

Let us work together to minimise injuries throughout the hospital, support your staff’s ability to care for their patients, and improve your ability to make data-backed decisions for operational efficiency

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fall warnings that works

User Interface components showing patient states

Tailor the system to monitor each individual’s risk levels and capabilities.

Get alerts for any pre-defined activity that may occur.

sleep tracking that works

User interface showing stats on a patients activity

Reduce the need for disruptive check-ins.

Teton One gives a general idea of an individual's sleep over time, while minimising the need to wake them up to check.

documentation in the works

Interface showing timeline of a patients day

Automatically document regular actions and activities within the room.

Spend time helping patients rather than filling out information.

ulcer warnings in the works

Interface showing phones with alerts on them

With busy shifts and many people to take care of, small changes can quickly go unnoticed.

We give staff the tools to track movement and set reminders.