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Limitless functionality.

Help yourself better navigate the long term care of your residents. Alleviating the documentation burden, ensuring that no accidents are missed, and understanding your resident from a long term view.

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for healthcare staff.


When a fall happens, or a resident has a sudden deviation from their normal behaviour, our integrations assist you in getting it documented directly from our system, and putting it in the right place in your journal.

Fall clips

With our anonymised replay, you can quickly assess whether a resident had a serious accident, or just the resident lowering themselves to the ground.


Tracking the reality of your ward also allows you to track how that reality changes over time. From an individual level, all the way up to the whole facility.


Reduce the need for disruptive check-ins. Teton One gives a general idea of an individual's sleep over time, while minimising the need to wake them up to check.

It quickly became a habit for me to use Teton, it's given a new sense of calm during my night shifts.

Nurse Assistant

Improve the overall outcome for both patients and staff.


Reduction in falls at Margrethelund carehome after starting to use Teton


Saved for each resident that a Teton device is setup with


Increased staff retention rate when using Teton

Easy onboarding
With you all the way.

Book a demo
Book a demo

Scout and deploy

We’ll come out to your site and work with you to create a setup and onboarding plan that's tailored to your needs.


Onboard your staff

We’ll send out our engineers and customer success team to introduce the staff to the system and ensure the implementation gets off on the right foot.


Engage and measure

Once the system is up and running, we like to work directly with staff and leaders to ensure the best technology integration you’ve ever experienced. We want to create a feedback loop where we look for areas of improvement, review your ideas for the system, and give special attention to staff who are particularly engaged.


We’re glad you asked..

How long does it take to set up the system in a hospital or care home?

Setting up in your hospital or care home is a swift process, taking only 1-2 months. We break it down into three phases to ensure a smooth integration:

First, a scouting and configuration phase allows us to work closely with your team to understand your needs and strategically place sensors for optimal coverage.

Following this planning stage, hardware setup is completed by our team, minimizing disruption to your daily operations.

Finally, an onboarding and training phase ensures your staff feels confident using Teton effectively within their existing routines.

Can you share any success stories from existing care homes?

Our delivery to Næstved Kommune won us the national ‘Digitalisation Prize for innovation in the public sector’, where the centre leader described us as being “Probably the best implementation in healthcare I have seen or heard of”. We helped their night shift staff gain the ability to prioritise their nightly checkins, reducing the amount of times staff woke up or disturbed dementia residents who were deeply in need of a restfull night.

How can your system specifically improve care in my care home?

In care homes, we go beyond just fall alarms. Real-time monitoring offers peace of mind for single caregivers, allowing proactive interventions. Sensor data can be used to document events and identify behavioural deviations. By analyzing trends, we empower caregivers with data-driven insights, reducing stress and promoting resident well-being. Our high-quality onboarding and in-shift training ensure seamless integration into daily routines.

Can your system integrate with our existing electronic health records (EHR) system?

Our auto-documentation features allow staff to quickly take information and events from our system and enter them into whatever EHR you use for documentation. We currently integrate into a handful of EHRs (such as KMD Nexus for care homes in Denmark), and we can relatively quickly add support for whichever EHR you are currently using.